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Primary hyperaldosteronism

Primary hyperaldosteronism

  • Hypertension in the presence of elevated aldosterone and suppressed plasma renin
  • Two major causes are aldosteronoma and idiopathic hyperaldosteronism (IHA)


  • 60% of cases
  • more often in women
  • Hypertension and hypokalemia is more severe compared with IHA
  • Salt loading does not change aldosterone levels
  • CT usually reveals a small solitary adrenal tumor
  • Adrenal vein sampling will reveal unilateral hypersecretion of aldosterone.
  • Treatment is surgical resection

Idiopathic Hyperaldosteronism (IHA)

  • 30% of cases
  • More often in Men
  • Salt loading decreases aldosterone levels
  • CT reveals normal to bilaterally enlarged glads
  • Adrenal vein sampling reveals bilateral hypersecretion of aldosterone
  • Treatment is with potassium sparing diuretics – spironolactone