Some Recent Webpages made by Calvin Lee

This page is a listing of some of the webpages made in 2006 and beyond.  Since I left my previous medical practice (McHenry Medical Group), I've had a little bit more time to make some webpages.  I've also included on here the descriptions and sometimes the reasons behind the webpages.  Other doctors play golf, I make web pages.

General Disclaimer:  None of these websites substitute for seeing a physician face to face.  None of the information found on my websites should be considered a replacement for getting one on one professional medical information from your doctor.

That being said, not all my websites are medical, vein, plastic surgery or acupuncture related.

From Sherman Clay, Walnut Creek, CA
Dr. Lee's Steinway Piano.  Piano webpage of Dr. Calvin Lee's

About me

I'm still trying to figure out this section.  But about my web pages, I make them for fun.  I have been making plastic surgery web pages since 1996.  Here's part of my first webpage that I've made for plastic surgery, it is no longer "live".  My basic style of web page design hasn't changed since.  I've been busy taking care of patients as a priority to updating my style of web page creations.  I code in HTML, use front page, and enjoy experimenting with SEO (search engine optimization). 

Webpage creations (c) Calvin Lee, MD

Plastic Surgery Related

Administrative aspects. how to start a medical practice / plastic surgery practice

I consider the "in the business" tasks to be:
- Clinical
- Maintenance
- Customer Interfacing

I consider the "on the business" tasks to be:
- Efficiency Improvement
- Marketing

time management grid
Strive to maximize quadrant 2:  "Quality Time - Important but not urgent". Doing so can reduce the amount of time taken up by firefighting quadrant 1 activities, since many quadrant 1 activities could have been quadrant 2 if they had been done earlier





General Surgery Related

Acupuncture Related / Alternative medicine related

Modesto Vein Servies

Surgical Artistry, Inc

Websites describing our startup phase for our practice

General information regarding starting a medical practice / Finances

Art in the Modesto Area

Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon Websites


My Improv on the Violin (and pictures of my painted cello collection)

Violcano violin by Calvin Lee, prerecorded music by Damien Rice Volcano.

Doctors, Plastic Surgeons, Spas in the Modesto area

Businesses in Modesto that I made webpages for

Music Performances in Modesto

Restaurant / Food related

Other great websites by Dr. Calvin Lee

Raw Listing of the URL's (links) for the webpages

This basically helps me get organized.  It might help you if you want to link to any of my creations since Feb 2006.  Most of these are repeats from the links above.


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Please send any suggestions to breastcancerdoc [at]  (Calvin Lee, MD - surgery and acupuncture).  Let me know if you've enjoyed any of my efforts.  Perhaps you'd like to show me your websites?  New websites being added every month.  My next project?  Hernias - frequently asked questions.  Sounds like fun for me.