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We've given a market assignment to one of our summer students and here is her orginal work.  The topic was, if we were a marketing firm what would be some advertising strategies to attract people from ages 18-30?




1.  Flyers at Starbucks and Jamba Juice

As I’m sure you know Starbucks has become the watering fountain for today’s youth. The sweetened coffee drinks appeal to Teens’ palette and offer that extra caffeine boost essential for most young adults’ non-stop lives. This makes it a great place to put up flyers.


Jamba Juice, while not as popular, still serves an impressive number of teens and young adults. Also this crowd will most likely be more concerned about their appearance, their overall health, and will be leading or trying to lead healthier lifestyles. These are THE safe houses of teen humanity. After all, Starbucks mark practically every street corner.



2.  Brenden Theaters

Brenden Theaters is one of the most popular theaters in Modesto. For a fee a business can have an ad shown on screen before the movie starts. This would be seen by many teens and young adults. If you are interested in this venue of marketing, you may want to look into advertising opportunities at Regal Theaters on McHenry Ave and Galaxy Theaters in Riverbank.



3.  Mall Advertisements.

Most teens and young adults today care about fashion and the way they present themselves. Even if they don’t care about fashion, their clothes have to say it. Since you are looking to attract people who want to improve their outer shell, the mall is a great place to advertise.


If it is possible, perhaps you can even get your business cards into certain stores. For the high school/college students who want to fit to the mold, which is kind of the audience it seems like you’re trying to attract, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Gap are all great “preppy” stores where kids with a little extra cash and a desire to look good, go to shop. These three stores are all owned by the same company. Forever 21 is also a great store to have business cards, it’s a teen-young adult women’s clothing store and is sells an eclectic mix of merchandise, attracting a vast assortment of ladies to its stores.



4.  Clear Channel Radio Stations

Clear Channel owns several radio stations that broadcast to Modesto and the surrounding valley cities. There are plenty of teenagers, myself included, who listen to these stations.  Clear Channel Radio Stations  includes B 93.1 and Sunny 102.3. You may also want to advertise on KAT Country. Please note that this station is not owned by Clear Channel.




5.  Flyers at Schools and Sponsoring for School Functions

It may be possible to post flyers at high schools all around Modesto on their bulletin boards. I know you can post flyers at MJC on their bulletin boards in the quad as well. This should be free advertising and it gives you a direct line to your audience. You may also want to think about having a booth at an MJC “Fair Day.”  Occasionally, our school allows businesses to advertise during what I call “Fair Days” Different businesses and school clubs set up booths and try to sell their products and gain members to their clubs. I feel that this would be more productive than a lecture, especially since many college students would prefer walking by and having a personal conversation to an office representative on their time, then coming to a lecture. If you have had success in the past, by all means run with what works. I know that MJC and high schools have events such as proms, recitals, and Home-coming events for which they need sponsors. This is a direct path to the youth and you’ll develop a relationship with the school and the student who handles your sponsorship account.




Being a musician in Modesto, I’m sure you have heard of the Fat Cat. Although I personally have never been there I am aware that it is a popular hangout for young adults. You may want to look into putting an ad up there or sponsor some events.



7.  Movies In The Park

Youth Commission, a branch of the City Council comprised of high school students in Modesto and the surrounding area, does an event every summer called Movies In The Park. It is free event that is put on specific Fridays and Saturdays throughout the summer to provide a place for youth and families to come and have some safe summer fun.


Certain nights are designated as Family Nights and others as Teen Nights. I’m sure you could find out which nights were teen nights. Of course if you are looking to attract older women, like moms, advertising at family nights might be a good investment.



8.  The Buzz At The Bee

If you want to put an ad in the Modesto Bee to attract teens, put it in The Buzz. The Buzz is a special section of the paper that comes in every Thursday paper. It’s written for teens by teens about teens. They feature stories about outstanding high school students in addition to reviews on high school shows and movies, student’s favorite things, events for youth in the Valley.


9.  Modesto Celebration Of Lights Parade

Modesto kicks of the Winter Holidays with a big parade in downtown Modesto, organized by Modesto’s Neighborhood and Recreation Department. Many companies and clubs spend months planning and creating floats to show in the parade. All of these organizations need sponsors to help cover the costs to participate in this event and build their float. Normally these groups attach a sign or banner to their float thanking their sponsors. Companies like SaveMart enter in this parade with extravagant floats and require many sponsors. For more information call Modesto’s Neighborhood and Recreation Department and ask to speak to someone about sponsoring floats in the Celebration of Lights Parade. This ad would be seen by people of all ages and backgrounds.



10.  Formal Wear Retail

To promote your waxing and facial services, it may be wise to advertise in formal stores. Most teenage girls go to at least one dance or banquet before graduating high school.

Also, Bridal shops are swimming with women going the extra mile to make sure everything will be perfect on their big day, including themselves. You can reach David’s Bridal at 209- 624-5967, ABC Bridal Company at 209-5491424, and Special Days at 209-551-3297.



11.  Fitness Centers And Country Clubs

Regardless of the age group, fitness centers are packed with people working hard to improve their bodies. I’m sure there are plenty of potential patients just waiting to find out about Surgical Artistry. Country Clubs also have lots of people who enjoy the finer things in life including a great body. This may be something to think about.



12.  Day Dreams And Nightmares

Day Dreams and Nightmares is a store near MJC where many Modesto performers

Go to get stage make-up and other cosmetics.  This might be a good place to attract clients for your medical aestheetician. If you are interested, perhaps you can put an ad in the store. I have never been there.



13.  Advertise on myspace and Facebook websites

myspace and Facebook are websites that allow a person to create a profile about themselves that can be viewed and used to keep in touch with friends and family, to start romantic relationships, and to network for business connections. You can post pictures and blogs (journal entries) on your profile and other people can write comments to you that can be displayed on your webpage that others can view as well as private messages similar to e-mail messages that only the user can see.


The main difference between myspace and Facebook is that you have to have gone to school and be able to provide the information about the school(s) you attended (such as name of school and years you went) in order to be a Facebook member, while you do not have to have attended school to have a myspace webpage.


Although there are myspace users of the mere age of seven to married people in their forties, the average age range is preteens/tweens (11 years old) to young people who have graduated from college and our starting their first real job. College students are the majority of Facebook users, then high school students and college graduates tie for second place.


It has been projected by “people in the know” and these projections been published in Magazines like Times, that Facebook is becoming the new myspace, the new hub for the young people to “hang out” online. However myspace isn’t obsolete by any means. It is still a great place to catch Tweens while they’re young and help them transition into the normal hygiene practices of full fledge teens with our facials and waxing services. Drawing them in early will insure an approx. four years – six years of service per client (Four years for high school, six years if they start in 7th grade). If you can get them young you will benefit from the major school events including graduation, formal events, and prom.



14.  YouTube

YouTube is a popular video sharing website where users can upload, view, and share video clips. YouTube was created in mid February 2005 by three former employees of PayPal. The wide variety of site content includes movie and TV clips and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging and short original videos. The company was named TIME magazine's "Invention of the Year" for 2006 and it is now owned by Google. Unregistered users can watch most videos on the site; registered users have the ability to upload an unlimited number of videos. Related videos, determined by the title and tags, appear to the right of the video. In the site's second year, functions were added which provide the ability to post video 'responses' and subscribe to content feeds for a particular user or users. YouTube  - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/   


YouTube has become engrained in my generation’s culture to a point where it is being used as main venue to spread political propaganda and information to the youth of America. Government officials make videos encouraging us to vote for them or specific issues and individuals are make music videos supporting certain candidates for the 2008 presidential election. If you can make a video advertising your site and put it on YouTube it will be seen by hundreds of thousands of young people, as long as you can afford to take the time to make a profile, no monetary compensation is necessary.



15.  X-Fest

I am including it here just to complete this list.  Although I’m sure there are plenty of young women who will attend who would be interested in having surgery, I doubt they will remember your contact information correctly in order to inquire further. In general I feel it is best to advertise at alcoholic free events so that when people do see your ads, they can at least distinguish the difference between the logo and the text.




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cosmetic distinction, eastern tradition, surgical precision

We are located next to the post office on Sylvan Ave. in Modesto, CA
2336 Sylvan Ave. Suite C, Modesto, CA 95355
Tel: (209) 551-1888
Fax: (209) 551-5662