Gallbladder operation - laparoscopic cholecystectomy

The preparatory list of items needed for laparoscopic gallbladder surgery - as written by Calvin Lee, MD, Modesto General Surgeon specializing in veins and acupuncture, board certified in general surgery.  I have done many gallbladder operations in the past.  When I entered residency lap chole's were the standard.  General Surgery continues to advance as we make smaller and smaller external incisions.  Minimally invasive surgery becomes minimal access surgery.  This is a list off the top of my head of the materials that I use for these operations as of 2009.

Intended audience:  Students of surgery, and OR staff, scrub techs and nurses to assist other surgeons.

Note that each patient (and each surgeon) is different.  This list was written and modified for each patient.  This list was developed off the top of my head - it may be incomplete.







Laparoscopic Graspers:

Laparoscopic Clips

Other laparoscopic tools




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